Chico's Pizza Parlors have been around since the 60's and were in 5 states over the years, including this location in Lynwood, California. Back in the 70's, the recipes used  at this location were changed to different Italian family recipes in order to give Chico's its unique signature taste. Sadly, this Chico's here in Lynwood is one (if not the last) location still around.

Here at Chico's we have been using the same technics and recipes for decades with the best ingredients available to keep the high standards of taste and quality . We always use as many fresh vegetables and fresh products as we can and prepare them here in our kitchen.

Our house spaghetti meat-sauce is prepared fresh with our own recipe of spices, fresh ground beef and tomatoes. Our meatballs are also hand made using our own family recipe.

We make our own signature pizza sauce with the same care and italian recipe right here in Chico's in our own kitchen.

We grind and mix our own blend of 3 cheeses by hand as we always have; we do not just open a bag of pre-shredded cheese like most places do now a days.

We continue to mix our own Pizza Dough from our house recipe and then roll & stretch repeatedly until it's just the right thickness. Afterwards, we hand cut each pizza skin to ensure consistency, all done on Chico's premises.

Our signature pizza is thin and crispy and has the best tasting cheese and toppings. We make it unlike any other pizza and once you try it, you'll keep coming back for it again and again.

On behalf of all of us at Chico's Pizza Parlor, we would like to Thank all of our loyal customers who have continuously been coming back over the many years and we thank all our new customers as well.